Skeet'r Beat'r Motorized Roll-Up Garage Door Bug Screens

SKEET’R BEAT’R Motorized Screens are designed primarily for the retrofit residential market. They are designed to be installed on existing homes or light commercial and professional offices where the opening can be either totally open or totally screened with the push of a button.

The screens are housed in powder coated aluminum housings. The screen tracks are attached to the vertical sides of the opening with the screen housing mounted overhead. The weighted crossbar is sealed to the floor with a flexible seal when the screen is rolled all the way down. When the screen is rolled all the way up only the crossbar and seal are exposed, protecting the screen mesh from the damaging elements.

The mesh selection includes a wide variety for insect, sun or privacy control. Screen model designation is according to the manner in which the screen is to be mounted to the opening. Optional remote and group controls as well as specialized controls for interfacing with home automation systems are available for these screens.

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